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Men's Brands : Patrick Assaraf


Sometimes the best things in life are the simplest, or as Mies van der Rohe so eloquently put it, "less is more."

The line of luxury basics designed by Patrick Assaraf embodies his many schools of thought from over three decades of a rich career in menswear fashion.

Inspired by the European elegance and tailoring of Italian menswear, the Patrick Assaraf line is a contemporary take on luxury, comfort, and ease which is the central principle of what he believes the ethos of luxury to be.

The simplicity in his silhouettes allows for the elevation of what he calls "extravagance.” This extravagance exists in the progressive, high-end fabrication of Peruvian cotton, choice fabrics, and in the novelty of a vibrant color palette.

At the heart of this brand is integrity, one that Patrick Assaraf gives back to his customers, while presenting them with effortless basics, with elegance and simplicity.

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